For the Facility

At a retirement community or assisted living facility, time, energy and resources are spent on getting new residents to call your environment “home”. However, all too often potential residents avoid this move due to the overwhelming process of downsizing, selling their home and relocating; whether in town or across the country.

You have seen what happens when a senior hires just a moving company. Everything is boxed, nothing is eliminated and boxes are then stacked one on top of another in the new residence. The senior is bogged down as soon as they walk in the door. They don’t know where to begin and often the process of eliminating unwanted items takes place after the move. What should have been a time to start enjoying themselves turns into months of unnecessary work. Your in-house maintenance resources are often called upon to help.

The Right Moves can eliminate these issues for future move ins and give seniors the luxury of focusing on getting settled and enjoying the benefits of retirement living.

Important during a move for a senior is having one contact on move day. The Right Moves handles this point effectively. By just having one person to be in contact with, facility resources can better be utilized for other things. Also, with The Right Moves handling everything from electronic hook ups to paintings being hung, there are fewer hours needed for maintenance personnel.

Get Facility Relevant Information

The Right Moves is very interested in helping your facility make the move for your seniors as smooth as possible. Our director will be happy to have a face-to-face meeting at your location to tell you in person what our team has to offer. If you would like to schedule a meeting, or would like to request brochures or other information, please contact Karen White today.