For the Senior

You can’t treat this move like any other move. What you could do as a 60-year-old is not what can be done as you are approaching 80. You are older. Today, you can barely lift an item you used to carry to the attic by the armload. You are weaker because you are older. It happens to everyone.

Also, you are not as prepared mentally as you used to be. A move is hard at any time, but especially now. Your comprehension slows down as you age. You lose some of the decisiveness that use to provide quick solutions. Distractions are another problem. Your mind will wander just when you want it to focus on the problem at hand. They sneak up on you, these quirks of age.

The Right Moves knows this and can tailor your move accordingly. If you are a morning person, let us know. If you work better in the afternoon, voice this need as well. But most importantly let us do what we do best. Remember, you want to save your energy for enjoying your new home, meeting new neighbors and taking part in the activities at the retirement community you are now a part of.

Many clients have looked at various retirement communities, enjoyed lunch and even a few activities. Upon returning home, the task of moving seems overwhelming and they put this move on hold. The Right Moves makes this all possible now. Simply making a call to Karen White can do what once seemed impossible.

She will promptly return your call and set up a free consultation to discuss your needs. Whether it is just to work in conjunction with you and your family or to take on the entire move and downsizing, you won’t be disappointed.