About Us

Karen White, owner of The Right Moves has seen it many times. A couple in their 80’s visits a retirement community, enjoys lunch, takes a tour and wants to call this wonderful place home. But after the very best intentions of moving, they get home and reality sets in. Having been in their home for what seems like a lifetime, they don’t know where to begin.

Instead of putting this much-needed move off like so many do; seniors are finding the solution by calling The Right Moves. Karen, an energetic, senior specialist will handle every step of the move. Since 1998, she has focused on moves for seniors who want to relocate to a retirement community.

It is easy to see why so many people are choosing the services offered by The Right Moves. Having done more than 400 moves in several states, Karen makes these transitions absolutely stress-free. From selecting the appropriate furniture and accessories to eliminating all the clutter and unneeded items, the new home is ready to live in from day one. Boxes are emptied, pictures are hung; all in the blink of an eye.

To learn more about this outstanding service, give The Right Moves a call at 941.232.2732. Have Karen stop by for a free consultation on the best way to move. You won’t want to do it any other way.