“The daunting task of making a third move in five years was overwhelming. At 89 years old and unable to bend or lift too easily, the thought of all the tasks ahead of me caused me to panic a little and become depressed. To my great relief, I was introduced to Karen who described the services she provides in helping people to downsize, dispose of excess furniture, and in making all the arrangements for a stress free and successful move.

My problems were solved!!!!!!  Karen handled everything for me. By the first day in my new apartment, I was completely settled. Karen had packed and unpacked; unwanted items had been satisfactorily disposed of and new ones bought (Karen had driven me to stores on several occasions to help me buy things that i would need, and to transport them for me;) the telephone had been connected and a new number acquired: the computer was up and running: pictures were hung, everything was in its place, and the bed was made. Karen even made me a replacement cushion cover and arranged for the purchase, delivery, and assembly of a new book case.

Karen has an inherent and intimate awareness of the stresses and needs of older people and is an energetic problem solver. Friends who have been commiserating with me at the thought of the rigors of the move have been amazed and impressed at the speed and ease in which it has been carried out.

The decision to contract for Karen’s services was one of the best I have ever made.”

— Jean C., Durham, NC

“When Mom died, and Dad couldn’t manage the house by himself anymore, we kids were at a loss about what to do. He needed to move, and wanted to take care of things and not be a burden to us. The Solution? We called The Right Moves to help Dad with all the details, such as selling the furnishings he couldn’t use in his new home. He was also given the emotional support he so needed at this difficult time. Karen was just who he needed. It was definitely the right solution for us.”
—Carol and Dan, Children of Bill M. (Moved to a retirement community in Florida) 

“We were very lucky to find Karen White when it became time for my wife and me to move to a retirement home. Karen did everything. She packed our belongings, moved them to our new home and was with us every step of the way. When she finished, we moved into our new home with everything in place. She did a beautiful job. Not only was our new home ready to live in, but our house was ready to sell as well. We would recommend Karen to anyone who is moving.”
—George L. (Moved to a retirement community in Florida) 

“Thank you for such a great job in moving my Aunt. You were able to make this very traumatic move very manageable and successful.”
— Randi H. (Moved to an independent living center in Venice, Florida)

“I am so happy about how smooth my move went with your help that I told a neighbor about you and your services. Thanks for doing such a great job for me.”
—Phil C.(Moved from Florida to California)

“Karen decorated our home so beautifully that 1 year later it still looks the same. She purchased just the right things to blend in with our items. The downsizing process she uses works. I would recommend any senior who is moving to call her.”
—George and Lee (Moved from their home to an apartment in Raleigh, North Carolina)

“Thank goodness the social worker told us about Karen. If not, mother would still be struggling by herself in her large home.”
—Pati (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)